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In 1999 and 2000, Sir Peter Jackson filmed 2 scenes of the Lord of the Rings trilogy at Fernside.

Specifically, the Fernside lake was used for the location of Lothlorien in the first film and in the third film as the location for the Gladden fields.

In the Lothlorien scene Galadriel can be seen farewelling the fellowship from the bridge on the Fernside lake.

In the Gladden fields scene Smeagol and Deagol fight over the ring in what looks like a river but is actually the Fernside lake.

The bridge on the lake was the only pre-existing structure to have been used for filming the trilogy.

The film crew was resident at Fernside for 3 months producing just 8 minutes of final footage !

Prior to the Covid pandemic, Fernside was regularly visited by LOTR fans, some wearing cloaks and elven ears, and we hope that this can resume in the future.